Estimate Your Needs Calculator

How much Life Insurance coverage do you need?

Everyone’s financial goals and circumstances are different, so there’s no rule of thumb to tell you how much coverage you need. Think about your current and future financial obligations and how much savings, spouse’s earnings, and investments you already own. To estimate your personal needs, use the calculator below.

Estimate Your Needs Calculator

Life Insurance Coverage Calculator

Estimate how much life insurance you should have.

*Note: Please enter just the numbers in the form. Do not use symbols, commas or letters (i.e., do not enter: $10,000.99 do enter: 10000.99).

Monthly Expenses:

Vehicle (Fuel, Insurance, Tax)



Entertainment/Dining Out

Savings for Emergencies

Credit Cards

Club & Association Fees


Electric and Gas


Home Maintenance

Water Bill

Tv, Cable, Satellite


Savings and Investments


Life/Protection Insurance



Existing Life Coverage

Total amount of existing coverage

Coverage Length & Economic Factors

Number of Years to Cover

Predicted Inflation Rate

Predicted Interest Rate

The total amount of life insurance you still need

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