Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the PSEA endorsing this plan?

The PSEA recognized that many Pennsylvania school district employees needed more Life Insurance protection. That’s why the PSEA is pleased to endorse this plan for the teachers and school employees of Pennsylvania.

Why Voluntary Life Insurance?

Voluntary Life Insurance allows you to choose Life Insurance coverage for yourself, your spouse, and your child/ren at group rates, paid through convenient deductions from your paycheck. Also, this plan allows you to increase your coverage every year without medical questions!

What Age Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Most people know that those with a family and/or a mortgage need Life Insurance. However, many believe that unmarried young people who have no dependents or mortgage do not need Life Insurance. The reality is that when people die young, the surviving family may be unprepared for the shock. Life Insurance coverage may ease tension during that time by helping with unexpected expenses such as funeral fees, debts or medical bills not covered by insurance.

How much Life Insurance coverage is available?

Employee Voluntary Life: You can choose up to $500,000 in $10,000 increments as long as it does not exceed 5 times your annual salary. Each year, you can add $10,000 or 10% additional coverage with no medical questions until you reach your maximum amount.

Spouse Voluntary Life: You can choose up to $250,000 in $10,000 increments for your spouse as long as it does not exceed your (the employee’s) amount.

Child Voluntary Life: For children, the coverage amount will be $1,000 for an infant up to 6 months old. Once the child reaches 6 months, the coverage choices include: $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000.

What is AD&D Insurance?

AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance) offers you or your beneficiary an additional benefit for loss of life, limb, hands, feet, or eyes as a result of an accident. AD&D is optional for the employee, but required on all spouse and child coverage.

Seat Belt Benefit: An additional $10,000 benefit is payable to the beneficiary if the covered person dies as a result of an automobile accident and was wearing a seat belt.

Am I eligible for this coverage?

You are eligible to enroll in this plan if you are an active employee working 20 hours per week. Your spouse and/or child/ren are not eligible for coverage if they are confined to a hospital or correctional facility until they are discharged.

Are there any medical questions or tests needed to qualify for this plan?

When you enroll during the initial open enrollment dates, you can purchase Employee and/or Spouse coverage without medical questions or tests up to the amount listed below if 25% participation or 10 employees (whichever is greater) is achieved.

Employee Voluntary Life: Choose up to $250,000 (for employees age 59 and younger) without medical questions.*

Spouse Voluntary Life: Choose up to $50,000 without medical questions.*

Child Voluntary Life: Choose up to $10,000 without medical questions.*

Late Enrollees: Enrollees electing coverage after 31 days beyond their new hire eligibility window or outside of the initial open enrollment window will require medical questions and approval by the insurance carrier.

*During the initial enrollment or for new hires that enroll within 31 days of their hire/start date. Late enrollees must satisfy Evidence of Insurability requirements before coverage is effective.

When will coverage end?

Conversion: This coverage contains a Conversion feature, which means that if your employment ends, you can choose to convert your group plan to an individual plan. Restrictions apply, premiums, and fees may be higher and you must apply while coverage is in force.

Portability: This coverage contains a Portability feature, which means that if your employment ends, you can choose to take the coverage with you. Restrictions apply, premiums, and fees may be higher and you must apply while coverage is in force.

Age: The employee’s Voluntary Life coverage will reduce to 65% at age 65, 50% at age 70, and terminates at retirement. Spouse Life Insurance coverage reduces to 65% of the original amount at the spouse’s attainment of age 65 and terminates when the spouse turns age 70 or when the employee’s coverage terminates. Child coverage will end when your child turns age 19 (25 for full-time student) or when the employee’s coverage terminates.

What if I am diagnosed with a terminal illness?

This plan has a feature called a Living Benefit that allows you to receive a portion of your Life Insurance benefit while you are living if you were diagnosed with a covered terminal illness. Funds can be used for medical expenses, a dream vacation, or to fulfill any other desired purpose. Minimum and maximum amounts apply.

Which one of my loved ones will receive the benefits?

You will indicate the beneficiary for this Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance benefit on your application.

Are there any limitations or exclusions?

Life Insurance Exclusions and Limitations
Suicide: If you, your spouse, or your dependents commit suicide within two years from the effective date of coverage, no benefits will be payable.

AD&D Insurance Exclusions
No AD&D benefit is payable if the loss is caused or contributed to by:
1. War or act of war.
2. Suicide, attempted suicide, or other intentionally self-inflicted injury.
3. Committing or attempting to commit a felony or assault, or actively participating in a violent disorder or riot.
4. Any injury sustained while under the use of any poison, illegal drugs, or controlled substance.
5. Physical disease existing at the time of the accident.
6. Medical negligence and malpractice.
7. Any loss incurred while on active duty or training in the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves, of any state or county.
8. Any loss incurred while operating, riding in, or descending from any aircraft, except as a fare-paying passenger on a commercial aircraft.

Seat Belt Benefit Exclusions
No seat belt benefit will be paid if the automobile accident occurs:
1. When the automobile is used for racing, stunting, or exhibition work.
2. When in violation of any traffic laws.
3. While driving legally intoxicated.

Who do I contact with questions?

Hillendale Associates, Zachary Harris, 484-245-2890, zharris@usebsg.com, www.hillendalepa.com

The Group Life Insurance referenced in this advertisement is for Certificate form number GTL-C600-0608-PA, underwritten by Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc., Madison, WI.  For complete details including all benefits, limitations and exclusions, refer to the Certificate issued through the group policyholder.

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